About Us

For more than a decade, Insolvency Services Group (ISG) has been recognized by major law firms, financial institutions, venture capital firms and other professionals as a leading provider of business fiduciary services. ISG’s mission is straightforward: provide business organizations and their creditors with comprehensive solutions for effectively, cost-efficiently and quickly resolving a financially distressed company’s insolvency or transition.

When Joel B. Weinberg founded ISG, his vision was to provide an array of tools, based in law and honed by substantial real world experience, which could better address the liquidation or transition (such as a going concern sale of operating assets) of a business organization while avoiding bankruptcy. From 30 years of practice as a commercial bankruptcy lawyer, he noted that the needs of financially troubled companies were not being adequately met in the marketplace for fiduciary services. The goal was to create a meaningful and effective alternative by bringing together a substantial knowledge of the law (and the full scope of available remedies) and expertise respecting the role of a fiduciary (whether as an assignee for benefit of creditors, a receiver, provisional director, manager in liquidation or a liquidating trustee in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case).

ISG begins by identifying and leveraging options for business entities, whether a company faced with a solvency or liquidity crises, a financial institution with a troubled credit in need of resolution, or a buyer for assets of a financially distressed company. ISG’s integrated team then begins implementing strategy and tactics. Team members include lawyers, accountants, appraisers, adjusters and accounts receivable and inventory managers. Collectively, ISG’s specialists provide a wealth of experience through the use of a fiduciary to liquidate, transition or restructure a company in financial distress.

ISG’s referral base includes venture capital principals, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, attorneys, turnaround consultants, accountants, asset-based lenders and banks. ISG provides fiduciary services across a broad array of industry sectors, including:

  • High technology
  • Textiles and garment manufacturing and distribution
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial and industrial real estate
  • Health care
  • Truck manufacturing
  • Bio-technology
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Major retail distribution
  • Cosmetics
  • Professional services (including law firms)
  • Wine production and distribution
  • Food producers and distributers
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy manufacturing in steel and aluminum