Chapter 11 Fiduciary

Guy Cecil Alexander, Jr. & Cheryl L. Alexander

Real Estate Investment/Holdings

ISG was appointed as the Creditors’ Trustee. ISG prosecuted claims, coordinated communications between the court-appointed Advisory Board and all involved parties, pursued collection of court-ordered settlement, initiated litigation and is currently conducting discovery, prepared and filed the Trustee Quarterly Reports, coordinated the filing of tax returns, and prepared and executed creditor distributions. Case in ongoing.

Marine Center, Inc., Olympic Sales, Inc., OBC Holding Compant, Inc., Olympic Boat Centers Canada, Ltd.

Boat Manufacturing & Distribution

ISG served as the Trustee of the Creditors’ Trust.  ISG resolved creditor inquiries, coordinated communications among involved parties and prepared and executed distributions to unsecured creditors.

Three Way, Inc.

Aerospace Freight and Logistics

ISG was appointed as the Chapter 11 Liquidating Agent. ISG managed and collected a significant Accounts Receivable portfolio, pursued avoidance power actions and negotiated settlements related to same, initiated litigation where applicable, prepared and filed all administrative reports (including those required by the Office of the United States Trustee), coordinated the filing of tax returns, and prepared and executed several interim and final creditor distributions. ISG also prosecuted the bankruptcy case to closure and prepared and filed documents required to close the case.

The Legacy Estate Group, LLC

Wine Making

Legacy was the owner of three wine labels, Freemark Abbey, Byron Vineyard & Winery and Arrowood Vineyards & Winery. In order to resolve its financial condition Legacy filed for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. The cornerstone of the case was the sale of the three wineries to Kendall Jackson for an aggregate purchase price of in excess of $98,000,000.00. Subsequent to the sale ISG, pursuant to a confirmed plan of reorganization, was appointed as the responsible entity to take all steps necessary to administer and conclude the case. This included (i) prosecution of claims which the estate had against third parties including, preference claims, fraudulent transfer claims, contract claims and the like (2) claims administration and adjudication (3) conclude all administrative aspects of the case including obtaining financial data and overseeing the preparation and filing of all tax and governmental returns; (4) managing and making the distribution to creditors as required by the plan.