General Assignment

DCD, Inc.

Exercise Equipment Distribution

Debtor company sold its product throughout the U.S. by means of multiple distribution channels (wholesale, retail and direct marketing). Assignee coordinated the consolidation and liquidation of product in various stages of distribution. A successful liquidation along with collection of a diverse A/R portfolio led to a substantial dividend to unsecured creditors.

Kramer Ink Company


Debtor company manufactured and sold ink and related products from several locations across the Southwest. Assignee arranged for timely consolidation of the debtor's assets from the various state locations to the debtor's headquarters location in order to liquidate all debtor's assets at one auction. Secured creditor was paid in full, and a distribution to general unsecured creditors is anticipated.

Oncotech, Inc.

Research Laboratory

Assignee took possession and secured a large medical research facility in Southern California that housed hazardous, bio-waste and radioactive materials. Assignee administered shutdown and decommissioning of research lab, per federal and state regulations. An investment banker was engaged to liquidate active cell samples, while auctioneer sold laboratory equipment, tools and other assets. Assignee continues to collect license contract royalties and will be administering medical records through the year 2030 per applicable regulations.

MatchFrame Video, LLC

Post-production Film Editing

Assignee coordinated the liquidation of debtor's assets and the return or sale of leased assets from over 60 film editing bays at two Burbank locations. Prior to the auction, Assignee engaged industry professionals to ensure that all copyrighted materials were removed from editing bays before sale, and then provided confirmation of same to all major studios. In addition, as a result of extensive client contact efforts followed by an aggressive film industry advertising campaign, the Assignee successfully returned to the various studios and rightful owners over 100,000 film elements that were stored in the debtor's film vault.

Program Partners, Inc.

Television Production Syndication

Assignee arranged for and currently oversees a television syndication operation to air several productions nationwide in order to generate revenue streams sufficient to payoff the first-place secured creditor within a two-year period.

Optiva, Inc.

High Tech Research & Manufacturing

Debtor had coordinated research facilities in the U.S. and Russia, and manufacturing operations in the Bay Area. Assignee engaged the services of the debtor's senior management to assist with an international marketing campaign to sell the debtor's Intellectual Property. An Asian high-tech company eventually paid $5 Million for the Intellectual Property. Assignee facilitated the transfer of the Intellectual Property to the winning bidder. Debtor's physical assets, located in the U.S. and Russia, were sold directly to buyers by the Assignee. Distribution of sale proceeds, net of creditor-approved sale commissions, was made to over 20 individual members of an international consortium headed by a major U.S. financial institution.

Royal Truck Bodies, Inc.

Manufacturing Vehicle Bodies

Debtor had manufacturing and assembly operations in Arizona and northern and southern California; Assignee staffed and operated the California facilities for approximately 3 months in order to convert "work in process" (WIP) to finished goods in order to maximize the sale value of the debtor's assets. Assignee worked closely with truck manufacturers to manage consignment inventory of 100+ rolling stock vehicles.

Skinmarket, Inc.

Manufacturing & Retailing Cosmetics

Debtor sold its manufactured product through 34 retail stores situated at high-end malls through the U.S. Stores were branded and carried only product manufactured or supplied by the debtor. Assignee arranged for the closure of all stores and consolidated store inventory to southern California for auction where economically feasible.

Lifepoint, Inc.

Designer and Manufacturer of Advanced Testing Equipment

Company was a publically-traded firm. Assignee arranged for successful liquidation of company's Intellectual Property and laboratory assets, which allowed for a significant distribution to Unsecured creditors. Assignee also coordinated the delisting of company's stock.