Our role in bankruptcy is backed by the confidence of the commercial bankruptcy legal community and the federal courts in our team of specialists.

Our Role in Bankruptcy

In the United States, Chapter 11 is a useful tool for businesses. Insolvency Services Group (ISG) is frequently appointed as a liquidating trustee, responsible entity, or liquidating agent – either under a liquidating Chapter 11 Plan or in connection with a bankruptcy case at the request of a creditor’s committee. 

Serving in this capacity, we have developed teams who work seamlessly across the board within their disciplines and possess excellent working relationships with the governmental agencies involved in this process. These engagements require, among other things, integration of a sophisticated understanding of the law (including, without limitation, bankruptcy tax, corporate, commercial tort, real property, intellectual property, environmental, labor and employment), business restructuring, avoidance power actions, and information technology for reporting systems, accounting, and negotiation.

ISG has the integrated expertise to fulfill these roles with extensive data processing and information technology capabilities, staff accountants and adjusters, and specialized software to interface with the bankruptcy court databases for creditors, reporting, and the like.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with the [Insolvency Services Group] team for over twenty years. ISG is the gold standard for fiduciaries in professionalism, ethics, and technical expertise.”

- Stephen O’Neill, Retired Bankruptcy and Restructuring Partner

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