Our History

Our History

From his 30 years of practice as a commercial bankruptcy lawyer, ISG Founder and CEO Joel B. Weinberg noted that the needs of financially troubled companies were not being adequately met in the marketplace for fiduciary services. A limited understanding of real-world options often resulted in a flight to bankruptcy, but Joel knew from experience that bankruptcy was often not the best answer for troubled companies and their creditors. Rather, the use of receiverships and general assignments, among other tools, often provided a more effective solution for a distressed company, whether it was a straight liquidation or a going concern sale to a buyer.

Joel aimed to create a meaningful and effective alternative by bringing together a substantial knowledge of the law and expertise respecting the role of a fiduciary. To accomplish this goal, he gathered like-minded professionals in a host of disciplines including turnaround managers, human resource specialists, financial analysts, accountants, and information technology and logistic specialists. He formed ISG with a vision to combine a deep knowledge of the law with substantial real-world experience to meet the needs of businesses in financial crises – yielding far better results for distressed companies, creditors, venture capitalists, and buyers of troubled assets. 

In recent years, the global downturn has increased the factors at play for American businesses. The ISG model serves the public interest by equipping the private sector with customized, cost-efficient, and timely solutions. Today, ISG is recognized throughout California. ISG has also been engaged in matters outside of California, including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Delaware. Fiduciary roles have included companies located in Mexico, Shanghai, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the [Insolvency Services Group] team for over twenty years. ISG is the gold standard for fiduciaries in professionalism, ethics, and technical expertise.”

- Stephen O’Neill, Retired Bankruptcy and Restructuring Partner

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