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Our team specializes in other fiduciary services such as liquidations, disbursements, partnership disputes, and plan trustees.

Liquidating/Disbursing Agent Services

Insolvency Services Group (ISG) is a leader in liquidations and disbursements for Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings.

We have developed a reputation for efficiency and speed to maximize dividends for creditors. We assign a multi-disciplinary team of liquidation specialists to custom-make every aspect of the process – from preparing the case to conducting a final round of due diligence before disbursing funds. Our integrated team includes experts in law, accounting, auditing, tax, appraisal, corporate governance, information technology, and communications.

Success is directly correlated with how accurately and quickly the team performs due diligence and assembles data on creditors, equity holders, and assets, and liens. During all stages, we ensure total compliance by leveraging its state-of-the-art information systems.

With each disbursement, we calculate the total amount of payments each party has received and then schedule their pro-rated dividend. Oftentimes, there are multiple rounds of distributions requiring detailed and accurate records. We provide counsel, committees, and other interested parties with comprehensive reports prior to making any distribution. Once the proposed distribution is approved by counsel, the committee of creditors, or another interested party, we expeditiously and seamlessly finalize and make each distribution.

Intermediary Services

In business cases, the services of an experienced and knowledgeable intermediary (such as a plan trustee, liquidating agent, or responsible entity) become indispensable.

In chapter 11 reorganization cases, often times the plan of reorganization contemplates significant activities that will occur in the post-confirmation period. These activities must be performed by a neutral third party. This may include asset dispositions, commencing and supervising litigation involving the recovery of preferences and fraudulent transfers, completion of administrative tasks, the filing of interim and final tax return and reports to the Office of the United States Trustee, and the conclusion and closing of the case. ISG brings a high level of expertise to this specialized task and has considerable depth in this role over a number of cases across a broad array of industries.

A business asset may also be the subject of an ownership dispute, where the owners agree that the underlying business needs to be liquidated through the use of a liquidating agent. The entity may very well be solvent, but a trusted fiduciary is necessary to move the matter to a sale and reduce the asset to cash proceeds.

At ISG, we offer considerable skills and knowledge to help solve ownership disputes. As a special liquidating agent, we work to market and sell the underlying business, whether as an operating business or a real property asset such as a large industrial building. We conclude all of the related administrative functions in closing down the business, such as filing interim and final tax returns, distributing all cash, and noticing all appropriate parties.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with the [Insolvency Services Group] team for over twenty years. ISG is the gold standard for fiduciaries in professionalism, ethics, and technical expertise.”

- Stephen O’Neill, Retired Bankruptcy and Restructuring Partner

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